Afrikaans song ‘Dames (sê my wat jou naam is)’ goes viral

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Afrikaans rapper Biggy’s song “Dames (sê my wat jou naam is)” has gone viral with tweeps making memes and videos with the song.

In the song, Biggy raps about meeting a girl in a club and eventually taking her home

Once they get to his place, the girl finds out that he still lives with his mother. She suddenly says she has a boyfriend, calls him a loser and demands he call an Uber for her.
Biggy responds by telling her to use her feet which goes in to the hook of the song “Dames, sê my wat jou naam is, my name is Adriaanus” which translates to “Ladies tell me your name, my name is Adriaanus “.

Watch the video of “Dames” below:


Even though the song was released in May with a music video depicting the story Biggy is rapping about, the song has gone viral recently with jokes, memes and videos.

Credit: IOL

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