iPhone 11 design revealed in ‘early replica’ just days before Apple launch event

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The design of Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 11 has been revealed in an “early replica” obtained by a smartphone case maker.

The replica is not a real iPhone but a dummy unit, used by phone case manufacturers to mould their protective cases, ahead of the launch of a new device.

However, it gives a good impression of what the new iPhone will look like – particularly the widely rumoured square camera module on the back of the device.

Phone case manufacturer Nood , which released the images, said the images “showcase the uniqueness and beauty” of the new iPhone.

It also commented that the “the camera feature is like no other previous iPhone model”.

“We have been working closely with our suppliers to ensure we are first to market with the exact iPhone 11 replicas and minimal cases that our brand has become renowned for,” said Nood co-founder Gary MacDonough.

“We are excited to provide this sneak peak Apple Fans ahead of the much anticipated Apple launch event on September the 10th.”

Apple is holding an event at its headquarters in Cupertino, California, next week, where it is expected to unveil its new iPhone 11 lineup.

There are expected to be three models of the new iPhone – a 5.8-inch model called the iPhone 11 Pro, a 6.5-inch model called the 11 Pro Max, and a lower-cost 6.1-inch model, called simply the iPhone 11.

While they will look fairly similar to the existing lineup, reports suggest that at least one of the models will feature a triple-lens camera system, allowing users to capture ultra-wide-angle photos and videos.

The iPhone 11 could also be able to beam power to other gadgets , thanks to a feature called bilateral wireless charging, so you could charge your AirPods by just placing them on the back of the iPhone, for example.

Other rumoured features include a larger battery, support for Apple Pencil, and a frosted glass body that could be available in a range of colours including green and purple.

The cost of the new devices is likely to be similar to the current line-up, so the 5.8-inch model will probably start at around £999, the 6.5-inch model at around £1,099, and the 6.1-inch model at around £799.

Credit: Sophie Curtis

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