‘Control’ takes the weird and turns it all the way up

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Remedy Entertainment’s new game, “Control”, takes the weird and turns it all the way up to 11 and it works really well for the game.

It owns its weird and delivers a great story and some fantastic combat that is deep and engaging.

Players will assume the role of Jesse Faden, a young woman who has gained powers due to a traumatic experience during her childhood. Wanting to find out more about the incident and the origin of her powers, Jesse visits a skyscraper in Manhattan called the Oldest House, which is also the headquarters of the Federal Bureau of Control (or FBC).

The FBC’s sole purpose is to investigate, study and contain events and items that violate the laws of science. After Jesse sets foot in the building, things become a little crazy and she finds herself going head to head with an otherworldly force known as the Hiss.

The gameplay is great and features a combination third-person gunplay and abilities. Jesse is able to use powers such as telekinesis to hurl objects at enemies to do incredible damage. Not only that, but she also makes use of a gun called the Service Weapon; it uses no ammo and actually has multiple forms ranging from a simple handgun to a high penetration railgun.

“Control” is a pleasure to play through, both because of its story and characters, in addition to the exciting combat that never becomes old. Control is a fantastic experience from start to finish. It sports a few hiccups in the frame rate in large fights and the difficulty might put some players off.

However, despite these hiccups, “Control” feels like some of Remedy’s best work yet.

The base game for “Control” is available at Loot.co.za

Credit:  Brady Ruiters

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