5 tips on how NOT to bore your partner during a holiday

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Most people have the assumption that travelling with your significant other is all smooth sailing. Think again. Holidays with your partner can become quite demanding – especially if your tolerance levels wear thin easily.

I had a conversation with a friend recently who said that she does not see herself travelling with her boyfriend without tagging a few friends along. She said her partner was an extrovert and required constant company. She believes that her being an introvert may bore him, especially since the pair haven’t done a holiday together.

Using her as an inspiration, here are tips on how to make your couple’s holiday a memorable one:

Plan a pre-trip

Before you jet-set across the world, plan a local trip. That way, you get to understand your partner better. You may find that he/she does not enjoy staying at hotels and prefers self-catering establishments, or he/she favours lazing by the pool rather than going on an adventure.

It also offers insight into the type of traveller he/she is and how you can make a holiday work.


Most partners tend to impress their other half. They tend to skip the parts of a holiday they love to make their bae happy. You both need to compromise, whether it means you stay in a lodge rather than a hotel room or you participate in an adventure with your partner.

No compromise means that only one half is going to enjoy the holiday while the other counts the days until it’s time to leave.

Plan the itinerary together

Nothing gets people more excited than planning an itinerary together. It allows the couple to choose the activities they enjoy or include some of their preferences.

Meet new people

One of the perks of travelling is having the opportunity to meet new people. It can happen anywhere: at your hotel, within your tour group or during a night out. You could easily meet someone when you want them to take your picture. Having a larger group of people offers great flowing conversation, travel knowledge and lots of fun.

Have some time apart

Explore the destination on your own for a few hours. It will give you the chance to immerse yourself in the destination without worrying whether your partner will enjoy it or not.

Credit: Clinton Moodley

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