The Funniest Tattoo Fails Ever To Be Inked

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The Funniest Tattoo Fails Ever To Be Inked
So, you have finally decided to do it! You have gotten your nerve up and you have found your way to the tattoo shop. You sit in the waiting room eagerly nervous to get in that chair for your very first tattoo. But wait what are you going to get inked? You freeze for a moment rummaging through your mind for that perfect tattoo, the one you will proudly show to everyone when they ask you…Do you have any tatts?
Sure, it sounds easy, right? However, for some, it just becomes one in a long line of questionable choices…like the people below. Although it also sets us up for some entertaining questions and maybe a few chuckles as well.

1: If I Don’t Move You Won’t See Me…Right?

“Shhh…in an attempt to stay safe from the attention of any unwanted advancements I decided to utilize the age-old concept of camouflage.” This is what I would hope would be the answer to the question,” Why?!” The only other logical answer would be a devout love of checkers and getting this tattoo would mean a serious checkers (or chess, nah checkers for sure!) obsession. I am pretty sure there is a support group for an obsession of that size. What do you think? Camouflage or checkers!

2: I Bet Giraffen’t Seen Anything Like This!

Does he not have friends to deter him from acts of well let’s keep this nice, questionable intelligence? I am sure there are reasons to tattoo a giraffe on your body! Maybe he is a strong proponent of wildlife conservation, maybe he has a deep love of the movie, “The Wild” or maybe, just maybe, he was attempting to teach his siblings the concept of perspective. Whatever the reason he now knows the concept of forever as in he is stuck with trying to explain this to everyone for the rest of his life. Yikes!

3: Fish are friends, not food!

I can only imagine a young child sitting in front of the television screen as they ask for the hundredth playing of the Nemo DVD. Their parents silently rocking in fetal position in the corner as they press play on the remote. This child smiles and begins thinking quietly to themselves when I grow up I am going to get Bruce chasing Dory as a tattoo. Then they grow up, scrimp and save to get their first tattoo and this is what happens…

4: Hello, kitty! Have I got a story for you…

Imagine sitting down and hearing the doctor say…Open up and say ahhh, when this is what awaits him. Okay so I must give this person kudos for perhaps being the most devout Hello, Kitty fan in the world, but ouch! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when they asked this tattoo artist to tattoo their tongue. “Okay what are we thinking?” “I don’t know maybe Hello, Kitty.” “Oh okay… wait, what!?” This person’s cool points took a severe hit!

5: Peek-a-boo…I see you!

One of two things caused this young woman to think to herself…you know what sounds good having two sets of eyes. The first theory, a childhood filled with scarring mockery of her coke bottle glasses. Hopefully that wasn’t the case cause bullying is not funny kids. The more likely reason for a young adult whom grew up in the early 2000’s… simply too much anime as a child. Either way I hope she makes sure to eat plenty of carrots…she’s going to need the beta-carotene to maintain those peepers…

6: Tell me, where have you traveled to again?

There are 195 countries in this crazy world we call Earth and this intrepid traveler wants you to know which ones he has touched down in. “Bob, where all have you traveled?” That question could get very embarrassing after a long night of too many drinks or a few bad hands of strip poker if you get my drift… Seriously, Bob we don’t need to know where you have that flag? Keep those pants on! Avert, the children’s eyes, no one needs to see that…

10: Hello…Is there anyone in there?

Okay this could be either the cleverest tattoo or the weirdest. Firstly, if this is what this gentleman pictures when he thinks of what’s going on in his head…kudos for picturing a library and a classy one at that, it has a dress code and everything. But why in heavens name does his inner persona look like an insane maniac and have a full head of hair (wishful thinking maybe?). I don’t know about you, but this would grab my attention as I stood behind him in the checkout line.

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