Hong Kong protests: Riot police fire live rounds at anti-China rallies as Communist Party celebrates 70th anniversary

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Riot police fire live rounds at pro-democracy protests challenging the Chinese Communist Party as it marks its 70th year in power.

Riot police fire projectiles against protesters in the Sha Tin district of Hong Kong
Image:Riot police fire projectiles against protesters in the Sha Tin district of Hong Kong


Riot police charge at a protester during a demonstration at Wan Chai district


An anti-government protester with a molotov cocktail in Sham Shui Po district in Hong Kong


Protesters light fires to stop riot police in their tracks in Sham Shui Po district


Activist was shot in chest at close range

Protesters are also being dispersed on foot – being chased down streets by officers.

“We have seen dozens of them helped into restaurants and houses as they ran down the streets to evade arrests. Others were apprehended,” says Sky’s Alex Crawford in the Admiralty district.

“They have been quite forceful in their arrests.

“But the real dramatic turn of events today is that there have been three live shots fired – one which was at very close range with a protester.

“We have managed to get footage from at least three different angles which show that there was an altercation in an area called Chen Wen as the police appeared to be fighting with the protesters.

“You clearly see one of the police drawing his handgun and at very close range he fires into the protester’s chest.

“The man has been taken to hospital and some relatives have turned up accompanied by a lawyer.

“He was said to be bleeding profusely at the scene and he managed to shout out his name.

“Doctors say he is in a critical condition.

“There will be a lot of questions asked as to why it was necessary for that police officer to draw his handgun and fire it.

“We have seen criticism of the police because they have used very liberal amounts of tear gas.

“They have used pepper spray and it appears to be fired deliberately into the faces of journalists and a number of the protesters.

“They have used a lot of force with human rights groups saying it has been excessive. Certainly we witnessed that ourselves over the weekend.

“They were 157 arrests and certainly 20% of those were in such a brutal fashion that they are now in hospital.

“So there are a lot of questions being asked about the police action.”


Sky News faces water cannon in Hong Kong


Water cannon ‘mixed with something toxic’

“The police have said the city is one step away from terrorism,” says Sky’s Alex Crawford in the admiralty district of Hong Kong.

“This water cannon is very, very effective at dispersing crowds.

“I think the water has definitely been mixed with something because it is very toxic. You find it hard to breathe.

“It is not just water, not just blue dye.”


‘Hong Kong people have nothing to celebrate’

“Today we are out to tell the Communist Party that Hong Kong people have nothing to celebrate,” says activist Lee Cheuk-yan.

“We are mourning that in 70 years of Communist Party rule, the democratic rights of people in Hong Kong and China are being denied. We will continue to fight.”


Protesters fighting back with petrol bombs and rocks


Water cannon used with blue dye and ‘filled with pepper spray’

Sky’s Alex Crawford is witnessing violent clashes between protesters and police in the Admiralty area of Hong Kong.

She says: “”We have seen water cannon used. Rubber bullets being fired. Tear gas fired.

“One journalist has been injured.

“They are using blue dye in the water cannon which sticks to the skin and which is also believed to be filled with pepper spray which also stings on the skin.

“The police from very early on have tried to stop these protests from going head.

“The last thing they wanted was embarrassment for the Beijing regime.”


‘Fight for freedom’

The biggest march has taken place in central Hong Kong, with thousands clad in black walking through the streets past businesses and shops chanting “fight for freedom” and other slogans denouncing China’s Communist Party as it marks its 70th year in power. Some protesters have ben carrying Chinese flags defaced with a black cross.


Hong Kong police clash with demonstrators


Bikes set ablaze as protests turn violent


‘Activist bleeding profusely’

Sky’s Alex Crawford is at the scene of a rally – in the Admiralty area of the city.

She says: “We understand there are unconfirmed reports three live rounds have been fired two in one area – and another in one – which according to local media shot a man in the chest.

“That would be a dramatic turn of events if that was a police bullet and a protester lying injured now.

“He is reported to be bleeding profusely.

“It has been absolute mayhem here for the last two hours.

“A water cannon has been used, tear gas has been fired and one journalist has been injured.”


‘Activist hit in chest as live rounds fired’

South China Morning post reports police have fired live rounds and an activist has been hit in the chest.


Hong Kong police and protesters clash violently


Protests heat up as police fire live rounds

Police have confirmed that they are firing live rounds to disperse protesters


‘They are squeezing our necks so we don’t breathe the air of freedom’

Multiple rallies are taking place in Hong Kong in defiance of a police ban as pro-democracy protesters vent their anger at China’s central government, which they say is chipping away at freedoms in the semi-autonomous Chinese territory

King Chan, aged 57, has come out to protest with her husband, and says: “They are squeezing our necks so we don’t breathe the air of freedom.”


Streets turned into battlefields

Police have fired multiple rounds of tear gas at the Wong Tai Sin, Sha Tin, Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun areas as protesters hurl gas bombs, bricks and other objects in their direction.

Police say protesters have used corrosive fluid in Tuen Mun, injuring officers and some reporters.


‘This is far from a celebration in Hong Kong’


Riot police fire tear gas at protesters

Riot police have fired tear gas to disperse pro-democracy protesters in several districts in Hong Kong challenging the Chinese Communist Party as it marks its 70th year of rule.

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