Fugitive found living in cave 17 years after escaping from prison

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Officers used drones to find Song Jiang’s hideout in the mountains of Yunnan province in China.

Chinese police have arrested a fugitive who had been on the run for 17 years, after using drones to capture images of the cave where he was hiding.

Song Jiang, 63, escaped from a prison camp in Sichuan Province in 2002 after he was jailed for trafficking women and children.

Yongshan Police in Yunnnan Province, southern China, said on their WeChat account that they received tip-offs about Jiang’s whereabouts earlier this month.
Drones captured aerial shots of the fugitive's cave hideout
Image:Drones captured aerial shots of the fugitive’s cave hideout. Pic Yongshan Police

The information led officers to search the mountains behind his hometown of Daxing Town in Yunnan.

Police used drones as the terrain’s steep slopes and dense forest made it difficult to find the fugitive.

The fugitive had been cut off from all human interaction for years, China News Service added.

Police said that Jiang had been living in seclusion so long that it was difficult for him to communicate with officers.

Song Jiang had household rubbish strewn outside his cave
Image:Song Jiang had household rubbish strewn outside his cave. Pic: Yongshan Police

He reportedly used plastic bottles to get drinking water from a river and tree branches to make fire.

Jiang confessed to escaping from the labour camp and has been sent back to prison.

Credit: Sky News

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