Covid-19 In Africa: Nigerian man dies after being wrongly quarantined

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Cape Town – The Kaduna State government in Nigeria says a man has died in one of its isolation centres after he was wrongly quarantined for the coronavirus.

According to the Guardian Nigeria, Tasiu Mohammed, 27, was travelling in a vehicle from another state when he was deserted along the Western Bypass in Kaduna State because other travellers in the vehicle suspected he was positive for Covid-19.

A few days ago, a video which went viral among the locals showed a distressed man at a hospital who was labelled as a suspected carrier of Covid-19. The man was later identified as Mohammed.

The state commissioner for the Ministry of Health Dr Amina Mohammed-Baloni said Mohammed had been sick three weeks prior to his death.

“Given his sickly state, the vehicle he boarded dropped him at the Western Bypass in Kaduna.

“From there he was taken to the primary health centre in Hayin Bankin, where the viral video was recorded by people who thought that he might be a Covid-19 case,” Mohammed-Baloni said.

However, Mohammed tested negative for Covid-19 and was treated for severe hypertension.

“The patient was evacuated from Hayin Bankin to the isolation centre, where he was assessed by the medical team, tested and his result returned negative for Covid-19.

“He was treated as a case of severe hypertension with acute pulmonary edema.

“Unfortunately, he passed away at the isolation centre.

“His relatives were informed and they gave permission for him to be buried in Kaduna in view of the current restriction on movements,” Mohammed-Baloni said.

She has called on residents to stop spreading unverified news.

“Covid-19 is a dangerous disease, but its appearance in our state has not abolished other diseases, including the chronic conditions that sadly afflict some of our compatriots.

“The Ministry of Health wishes to remind the general public of the importance of hand-washing, personal hygiene, social distancing and the avoidance of large gatherings in helping to protect us all from Covid-19. It is important to stay home, stay safe and save lives,” Mohammed-Baloni said.

African News Agency (ANA)

By Robin-Lee Francke


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