Zambia family picks up Chinese language during Covid-19 lockdown

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“My daughter has for a long time been encouraging me to take Chinese language lessons. She has become quite good at it, thanks to her school. She is now my tutor and we are having such a great time learning from home,” Sanyambe Mweemba said.

Mweemba, who lives in Zambia’s capital Lusaka recounted to Xinhua how for a long time she had wanted to learn the Chinese language but never got that chance, as she was always too busy with her job.

“Had it not been for the government’s restrictions on movement, I may not have started these lessons any time soon. The move has enabled me to venture into one of my passions. I am currently looking out for any online courses on the Chinese language,” she enthused.

Mweemba said she chose to learn the Chinese language because she is an entrepreneur who is also fascinated by the Chinese culture.

“Learning another language sharpens ones’ cognitive skills and makes intercultural interactions meaningful,” she explained.

She further said that in today’s world, being multilingual sets one apart and exposes them to a wide range of opportunities to better themselves and those around them.

And her daughter who is also Mweemba’s tutor said she enjoys taking her mother through Chinese language lessons because they also help her to stay focused on mastering the language and to keep busy.

“Mom is such an enthusiastic learner and always willing to put in her best. That has encouraged me to read more,” says 12-year-old Rejoice.

Mweemba has since implored the global community to take advantage of this period to learn new skills that would be useful long after the pandemic pointing out that there still remains a lot that people do within their confinements that can greatly contribute to the wellbeing of the nations.

“Homes can be innovation hubs from which can emerge great ideas to better lives going forward,” she added.

Mweemba’s story puts meaning to the expression every cloud has a silver lining. Her narrative is but one of the numerous examples of a silver lining to the coronavirus pandemic’s manifold challenges.

It also tells of the need to emphasise the hopeful side of a situation that might otherwise seem too gloomy on the surface.

Within the pandemic and everything about it is stories of families spending more time together and people birthing new ideas that are going to better lives in the near future. There are also stories of more people embracing the use of technologies to enhance their lives.

“It is important for people to be encouraged to look on the bright side of things. Maintaining a positive outlook also helps to boost the physical and mental wellbeing, as well as the immune system,” said a Zambia Public Health specialist Rhodah Nchinga.

Nchinga further advised societies to keep busy while observing measures aimed at curtailing the Covid-19 pandemic by spending their time investing in creative ventures that can be beneficial now and beyond.

By Xinhua


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