Apple TV+ shows to watch during lockdown

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The recent Covid-19 outbreak that has resulted in a national lockdown has seen streaming services becoming the go-to source as many people look for ways to keep themselves entertained. With Apple TV+ Shows, users are spoiled for choice.

With these shows you can grab your snacks and turn your living room into a cinema as you consume your favourite content.

The Morning Show

This award-winning Apple original offers an inside look at what it takes to work in the cut-throat world of morning television. Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell star as co-anchors of a popular breakfast news show. The drama also features Reese Witherspoon as an impulsive field reporter and Jennifer’s new on-air rival.


With an impressive line-up of Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell and Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley all grown up) and an eerie storyline, this psychological horror is not for the faint-hearted. The series revolves around a Philadelphia couple who are mourning the loss of their baby with a reborn doll and creepy nanny.


Who doesn’t love Jason Momoa? The Hawaiian hunk leads this sci-fi drama set in a dystopian future where humans can no longer see and are forced to adapt to blindness to survive. Everything changes when a set of twins is miraculously born with their sight intact.


This laugh-a-minute historical comedy-drama is sure to lift your spirits between mundane chores. The coming-of-age story of Emily Dickinson, Hailee Steinfeld stars as the rebellious poet, donned in traditional attire and equipped with modern-day humour.

Oprah’s Book Club

Another must-watch on Apple TV+, Oprah Winfrey is back with her famed book club. What started in 1996 and was once an integral part of her daytime TV show, the rejuvenated series will see the TV queen interview selected authors, with new episodes premiering every two months. Bookworms, this is the show for you when you need a break from those page-turners.

Be sure to look out for  these shows while in quarantine and enjoy your heart’s content.


By Floyd Matlala


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