Namibia and SA to go head-to-head in esports test match

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As the International Esports Federation (IESF) 2020 World Championships set to be held in Eilat, Israel in November draws closer, teams are bracing themselves for what will be the test of the year and result in world champions being produced in a a number of titles.

With Covid-19 and teams are under lockdown, national team athletes will be playing from their residences. The games will be strictly monitored to ensure that fair play is enforced.

DotA 2 has already been selected as an official title for such world championships.

Through the IESF’s online test matches, South Africa is able to test the team against worthy adversaries.

The European teams are able to attend many more tournaments than what South Africans can, and thus develop their teams to apparently unassailable heights.

Test matches between South Africa and Namibia seem promising and will definitely entertain with a great deal of honour on the line.

Namibia, like South Africa, finds itself outside of the mainstream of international competition.

The Test Match will be held on Saturday, 25 April 2020 from 17:00.

The South African Protea team for 25 April 2020 consists of:
Lourens Kok,  Ryan Shearer, Simon Shearer, James Armstrong, Chris Coetzee and Diana Barnard. Kok is the team captain and Barnard is the assistant team manager. All players are from the Oakhill club.

With esports being recognised as a fully recognised sport by both SASCOC and the government, gaming is now taken more seriously than ever before. Gaming has already been included into the Asian Games by the Asian Olympic Committee.


By Yasmine Jacobs


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