WATCH: Staff at Oxford supermarket on Bluff get tested for Covid-19 after colleague contracts virus

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Durban – Employees at the Oxford Freshmarket on the Bluff camped outside the supermarket on Thursday waiting anxiously as the health department began testing them for the coronavirus after a colleague tested positive this week..

The Daily News has gathered through the members of staff that the employee who tested positive at Wentworth Hospital is not a cashier, but a packer.

A team of fumigators arrived at the supermarket on Thursday morning to fumigate the building.

Employees complained they have been waiting outside to be screened from 7am.

Taking to the group’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Brett Latimer, retail owner of Oxford Freshmarket, said the staffer came to work with a cold and did not look well.

Taking to the group’s Facebook page on Wednesday, Brett Latimer retail owner of Oxford Freshmarket confirms an employee tested positive for Covid-19.

“Immediately, the supervisor informed the manager and the manager took her off the till and sent her to hospital where she was tested,” he said.

Latimer said on Wednesday they were informed by telephone the woman had tested positive for Covid-19.

He said they were unsure as to where she’d contracted coronavirus, as it could have been anywhere, at home or in a taxi.

According to staff, she had had not returned to work after complaining of flu symptoms.

One of her friends who had been communicating with her on WhatsApp on Wednesday informed others she had tested positive.

“We then informed the manager and we were all sent home. This morning (Thursday), we returned to work because we were told that we will be tested. We have since been waiting here since early this morning,” said another employee.

One of the employees said although she had no symptoms of being infected, she was anxious to know her status.

“I am a mother of two minor kids. I fear for my safety and their safety every morning when I leave home for work, not knowing what I will bring home when I return in the evening. Everyone is scared,” she said.

Daily News



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