Gary Neville hated rooming with David Beckham

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Gary Neville has revealed he used to hate sharing a room with former team-mate and global superstar David Beckham during their time together at Manchester United and England.

The two shared hotel rooms on away games in the early 90s, a practice that did not last.

Speaking on Sky Sports, Neville said: “I roomed with David Beckham for about six months and then the whole rooming with players completely stopped because everybody went into their own individual rooms.

“I think they worked out that players weren’t compatible with each other and that each went to bet at different times.

“I had two big problems with Becks  (well, he had with me!).

“I used to go to bed at 9pm and wake up at 5am, he would stay up until 11pm and want to wake up at 8am, so essentially he was keeping me up from 9pm until 11pm and then I was getting him up at 5 in the morning, so it wasn’t working at all,” said Neville.

“Secondly, he is the cleanest person. He gets into his room, he lights candles, he puts pictures up – everything has to be absolutely perfect, it’s been the same since he was 18.

“I just throw everything everywhere, so it just did not work at all. I’m always talking, always arguing and he was the complete opposite of that.

“He would listen to music, he would want peace, he would want to be chilled and it’s just the complete opposite end of the spectrum of where I was at,” said Neville.

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