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Risk assets rallied on Monday as more countries outlined plans to start easing their lockdown states according to Bianca Botes, Executive Director at Peregrine Treasury Solutions.

However, we are cautious as these economies are all still very much in lockdown, and it could take months to reach full economic activity, while the risk of a second wave of the virus remains a real threat.

The rand continues to seesaw between R18.80 and R19.20/$, with further short-term downside on the table as we approach the rebalance of the World Government Bond Index (WGBI) at month end.

United States consumer confidence and wholesale inventories are due for release today, while markets will focus their attention on key events later this week including US GDP, and interest rate decisions by the Fed and the ECB.

The rand is trading at R18.84/$, R20.40/€ and R23.39/£.

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By Compiled by Dhivana Rajgopaul