OPINION – The Furore by tobacco lobbyists against South Africa’s lockdown rules refers:

We suggest the government capitalise on the debacle by supporting cannabis entrepreneurs in promoting nutritional cannabis alternatives and declare cannabis an essential organic food source.

The government should strike while the iron is hot because world leaders have urged citizens to quit smoking and the future for big tobacco has never looked so bleak.

Cigarettes impair immune function, making smokers more susceptible to the coronavirus.

The endo-cannabinoid system protects and assists digestion, sleeping and relaxing (Di Marzo-R Mechoulam 1998).

Our body’s own cannabinoid receptors support the immune system which protects us against infection from viruses like Covid-19. Consuming cannabis provides a nutritious, non-GMO food source which is certainly not a claim big tobacco can make.

Food security is paramount during the lockdown as people have no work or money to buy food.

Unable to work during the lockdown, some have resorted to food gardens to feed children.

Cannabis (hemp) seeds are a potent source of essential fatty acids, while juicing or consuming the plant at room temperature ensures you don’t get high.

On the other hand, brownies or “space muffins” will get you high, so readers should search the net and develop a nose for sniffing out fake news and products. Prohibited or unregulated markets create price hikes and bring a plethora of un-taxed fake cigarettes to consumers.

Only the strong will survive this pandemic, so smokers should beware of the crisis. For to continue smoking will lead to one’s ruin in these times.

By K Govender

Credit: www.iol.co.za