After getting our groceries sorted and doing some cooking at home, I’m sure most of us have gained some kitchen skills and have improved as home cooks.

But, sometimes we are just lazy and frankly, we miss takeouts, don’t we? So many have complained about how they have lost interest in cooking, especially after doing it for the past five weeks.

And then came Level 4 which allowed for some restaurants to open, but only for deliveries.

If you’re craving a hot bowl of noodles or an artisanal pizza, we have done a list of the Durban restaurants which you can order from.

Mookie noodles. Picture from Instagram

Mooki Noodle Bar 

Mooki Noodles is an Asian fusion restaurant that offers an array of dishes influenced by the cuisine of diverse Asian countries. They make all their sauces and Dim Sum items in-house and try to source the best possible ingredients. Every Tuesday you can get two noodle dishes or two fried rice dishes at a special price.

Available on Mr D Food.


Sugarlicious is a dessert bar that boasts a wide range of ice creams wrapped in French macaron shells and a signature range that’s been dipped in chocolate. They are constantly adding flavours, in the chocolate ganache filled macarons. They have done things like mocha, watermelon, and pina colada. In the ice cream macarons, they have done things like Earl grey, smoked mocha, cinnamon chocolate as well as some traditional flavours.

WhatsApp: 0836118050. ⁣

Tripe. Picture from Instagram

Nkonzo’s Kitchen

Nkonzo’s Kitchen is one of Durban’s fast-growing African cuisine establishments. The eatery offers a variety of Zulu traditional food, such as umleqwa (Zulu chicken), dumplings, umngqusho (samp and beans), tripe, kidneys, ujeqe (steamed bread), sgwaqane (phuthu and beans), imifino, amadumbe, sweet potato and, of course, chakalaka, the spicy vegetable relish.

Call: 081 339 5826

Pauls Homemade Ice-cream 

What started as an experiment with an ice cream machine blossomed into Paul’s Homemade Ice Cream – a gourmet, artisanal ice cream business that uses local produce. They offer fresh ice cream and only use natural ingredients, no preservatives, and no additives. Flavours include chocolate, Nutella and Oreo; roasted banana; Vietnamese coffee; Oreo; and birthday cake.

Available on Mr D Food and Uber Eats.

Bunny chow. Picture from Facebook

Happy Chappy 

Happy Chappy is famous for Indian curries, bunny chows, breyani, steak, pork shanks, and the famous Happy Chappy bunny called “Chappytite”.

WhatsApp: 0746705991

Comida Eatery

Comida Eatery specialises in pizza, pasta, burgers, and salads. You can enjoy their Comida burger, which has their specialised secret chilli mix and garlic dipper or their chicken alfredo in a cream sauce, with a dash of Napoli. Their generous portions have made them very popular with patrons.

Available on Mr D Food.

Brussels waffle smothered in rich Bolognese. Picture from Facebook

The Savior Cafe

The Savior Cafe team in Glenwood is back in the kitchen and taking orders for takeaway deliveries.The intimate coffee shop offers a KZN bean and coffee milkshakes that are first class. They also offer freshly baked cakes for the coffee and snack customers.

WhatsApp: 063 22 55 711

A Pizza My Heart 

A Pizza My Heart in Bulwer Road is now delivering piping hot pizzas through Mr Delivery. This is an artisanal restaurant for families with pizza addictions.

Befteki. Picture from Facebook

Delfi Greek Taverna 

Delphi Greek Taverna is a Greek restaurant that offers dishes such as lamb meatballs, lamb shank, prawns, oxtail and vegetarian meals such as stuffed tomatoes.

Call: 031 312 7032

By Lutho Pasiya