TikTok is once again responsible for another viral food trend that’s sweeping the web. 
With the lockdown well underway in South Africa, and numerous other countries facing a similar reality, practically everyone has transformed into bakers and chefs that are whipping up drool-worthy dishes at every meal. 
If you’re on the hunt to find the next food trend to try, you may want to extend your search beyond Instagram for the freshest ideas. With more and more viral food trends spawning from TikTok it seems it’s the new hub of all food-porn. 
People have been flocking to the video-sharing app, to show off their impressive skills and cooking hacks. In fact, this is the site where Dalgona coffee took off before being made daily by everyone from your next-door neighbour to celebrities like Lizzo and Huda Kattan. 
This time around, TikTok has brought us a delicious twist on pancakes by combining it with another popular breakfast food – cereal. That’s right, pancake cereal is now a thing.
So, how’s it made?
Raw pancake batter is dotted onto a pan using a squeeze-bottle, cooked until golden and tossed about until both sides are perfectly browned. Some recipes call for a spoon of butter added straight to the pan during the frying process, ensuring all sides are perfectly crisp. 
Next, the mini discs are transferred to a bowl, drizzled with generous lashings of syrup and pats of butter that melt upon contact.  Some people have dressed up their bowls with chocolate chips, mounds of cream and fresh fruit.

What do you say? Personally, we think it’ll go down well with a tall glass of creamy whipped coffee.

By Sacha van Niekerk

Credit: www.iol.co.za