Durban – The system glitch that left hundreds of grant beneficiaries unable to collect their money yesterday has been fixed.

Sassa spokesperson, Sandy Godlwana, said funds were released to beneficiaries by late yesterday afternoon. Others were able to collect theirs from early this morning.

“Sassa officials have been deployed to monitor various paypoints in the region and have confirmed that payments are progressing smoothly without major challenges. The payment file for all grants scheduled for tomorrow has been verified with no discrepancies,” she said.

Yesterday, thousands of grantees were left stranded after the technical glitch left them unable to collect their funds.

Last month Sassa announced that to ensure that they comply with lockdown regulations, they have created two payment files.

Sassa has implemented the staggering  of social grant payments.

The first one covers the Old Age Pension and the Disability Grant, while the second payment file covers all other grant types (Child Support Grant, Foster Child Grant and Care Dependency Grant).

For further enquiries affected beneficiaries are encouraged to call the Sassa customer care number 033 846 3400 or 0800 601011.


By Se-Anne Rall