7 tips on how to make the perfect burger at home

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If, like me, you are craving one of your favourite tasty burger meals as fast food joints are shut during lockdown then fear not – there is a solution, and that is making your own at home in quick and easy steps.

For all burger lovers out there, we all know there is nothing like a delicious, meaty, juicy burger to munch on whilst relaxing.

According to Wonder How To, below are seven tips for making the best burger ever.

Pay attention to the temperature

If you’re craving a burger but all your ground beef is frozen, don’t give up (and don’t cook a frozen patty). Just thaw the meat between a pot filled with water and a sheet pan; the beef will be room temperature in minutes.

Burgers should be treated correctly and made to be the best version of themselves. Picture: Unsplash

Get the right beef

There are a million variations on burger meat, but there are a few things you should look for. Low-fat burger meat may sound healthy, but with a little amount of fat, you have no flavour. If you’re worried about health, just make a slightly smaller patty instead of compromising taste.

Season inside and out 

Most people season the inside of their burgers or the outside of their burgers, but very few seasons both. For the best burger, season the raw meat, mix it up, shape your patties, and then season again.

Shape it right

Ever wonder how restaurants get perfectly shaped patties? Wonder no more: just use the lid from a peanut butter jar, which is the perfect size and shape for a burger.

Burgers should be treated correctly and made to be the best version of themselves. Picture: Supplied

Indent the top

This trick is simple but incredibly useful. When you shape your burgers, use your thumb to make an indent in the top. That way, as the burger cooks and the juices try to escape, they’ll pool in the burger and get reabsorbed, instead of running down the side and getting lost in the pan.

Flip once and only once

Patience is the hardest trait to exhibit when cooking a burger. You see that beautiful patty heating up in front of you, and you just want to touch it, poke it, and flip it.

Let it rest

Having spent ten minutes salivating while your burgers cook, you’re likely to have a very rumbly stomach by the time the meat is done cooking. But don’t eat it yet. Just like steak, burgers need to rest so that the juices can redistribute before you bite into that beefy goodness.


By Lutho Pasiya

Credit: www.iol.co.za

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