Xhosa monarch King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo in paternity war of words

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Johannesburg – The AbaThembu nation has laughed off claims made by controversial monarch King Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo that acting AbaThembu King Azenathi Dalindyebo is not his biological son.

The deeply divided AbaThembu nation was rocked by yet another controversy on Wednesday after the senior Dalindyebo dropped the bombshell. Azenathi has been the acting king of the Mthatha-based kingdom for the duration of the king’s incarceration of four years.

In a scathing letter, written in Xhosa, Dalindyebo told Azenathi to do a DNA test to prove who his father is. “I have decided to let you know that you are not my biological son, I am not your father. In other words you are not my son and you are also not a Dlomo (clan name).

“If you are unsure, go conduct a DNA test and I am willing to be part of that route,” the monarch wrote.

But Chief Thandisizwe Mtirara dismissed the king’s claims.

“Azenathi is his son. Even if he were not present in his bedroom with Nokholeji (Azenathi’s mother), all we know is that Zanelizwe (Azenathi’s praise name) is Zwelibanzi’s (Buyelekhaya’s praise name) son.

Mtirara said: “This is made by a person who is supposed to be the leader of the AbaThembu nation but, seemingly, he cannot even run his own household. This is a disgrace.”

Dalindyebo’s spokesperson, Babalo Papu, said: “His majesty has finally welcomed the fact that Azenathi is not his biological son and his mother is a divorcée. This was a suspicion for a very long time until proof was acquired.”

Dalindyebo said Azenathi has the “option of DNA test if he has a claim” of being his son.

The tension between Buyelekhaya and Azenathi has been going on for a while.

Buyelekhaya was arrested after he allegedly injured Azenathi at the Bumbane Great Palace.

The incident occurred after Dalindyebo broke the door and chased Azenathi, saying he wanted him out of Bumbane.


By Sithandiwe Velaphi

Credit: www.iol.co.za

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