How to schedule WhatsApp messages

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Despite being in lockdown, some of us get so caught up in everyday life, making us forget simple things such as anniversaries or birthdays.

Now there is an easy way to avoid those ‘How could you forget my birthday?’ accusations – and that is scheduling WhatsApp messages in advance.

Please note that the popular messaging service does not offer scheduling features yet. To schedule a message for a particular day or time, you would need the help of a third-party app on Android and Apple’s Shortcuts app on iPhones and iPads.

For Android users:

There are several third-party apps to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android, but SKEDit is one of the most credible options.

Download the app, launch it, and simply sign in with your Facebook account.

Tap the WhatsApp option on the app’s screen and give the necessary permissions.

After you have done this, enter the all details of the message that has to be scheduled ie. the text, recipient, sending date/time.

If you want the text to automatically go, hit the checkmark that can be seen on the upper right side and disable the phone’s lock-screen and battery optimisation when the app prompts.

However, if you do not want the message to send automatically, you have an option of being asked before sending.

There is an ‘Ask me before sending’ toggle on SKEDit’s scheduling page to prevent awkward mistakes.

iOS users

Unlike Android, there is no scheduling app but you can use the Shortcuts automation app.

Download the app and select the Automation tab at the bottom > Create personal automation.

Once done, select Time of Day and add the date and time for the message.

Hit ‘Next’ to get to the page for action selection; use the option to pick ‘Text’. Same as above, add the details of the text.

You will be required to enter the message that needs to be scheduled. Type it in and hit the + icon at the bottom to search for WhatsApp.

Select the ‘Send message via WhatsApp’ action from the results, add the recipient for the message, hit ‘Next’, verify message details and then tap ‘Done’ to schedule.


By Yasmine Jacobs


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