How to sell your car direct to the motor trade (and make money)

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Johannesburg – Covid-19 has hit everyone hard, not only from a health and safety perspective, but also from a financial one. You might find yourself in a challenging position that requires the sale of your current vehicle, but you might not be sure of whether you are getting a good deal when trading it in right now. To assist consumers in ensuring they get the best possible deal, TradeSpeed is enabling the listing of vehicles for sale direct to the motor trade.

Presently during lockdown vehicle owners are speculating what their vehicles are worth as they contemplate either trading up or down, or in fact just selling their car outright. These are uncertain times and this is a good opportunity to trade in a way that you can benefit.

“Numerous articles in respect of the motor trade have been published recently, many with a bleak outlook, and it is clear that the man in the street needs to be able to offer his vehicle to more than one dealer or individual from the safety of their lockdown location, now and beyond Covid19,” says Andrew Travers, spokesperson for TradeSpeed.

Presently has more than 300 countrywide registered dealers who are a mix of franchise, non-franchise and private traders. This mix is crucial to achieving what your wheels are actually worth. “Visiting one or two dealers will not provide you with the best possible price and making your car available to hundreds of dealers on a non-franchise-controlled platform will make a considerable difference,” he adds.

There is an online step-by-step process to follow to list your vehicle and is able to assist you in setting up Zoom as well as WhatsApp video calls to show a potential buyer your vehicle.
For more information, visit the TradeSpeed website.

By Motoring Staff


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