Nigerian professor claims Covid-19 is a scam by Westerners

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Cape Town – A Nigerian professor from Novena University in Delta State on Monday claimed that the novel coronavirus pandemic was nothing but a scam perpetrated by the West.

According to the Guardian Nigeria, Professor Cyril Otoohhiaus, whose field is genetics and animal breeding, stated that the virus was created in a laboratory and was not a natural organism as claimed by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He was speaking during his lecture on Covid-19 at Government House in Kogi State at the invitation of governor Yahaya Bello.

Otoohhiaus claimed that Westerners were running this scam to generate trillions of dollars at the expense of Africa and other parts of the world.

“Viruses are made by man to achieve specific purposes. That is why the organisation (WHO) cannot provide answers to virtually all questions concerning the coronavirus posed to it.

“Covid-19 is not a natural virus. That is why even the WHO is not specific in the symptoms the pandemic exhibits in the human body,” Otoohhiaus said.

Speaking on the same occasion, the university’s professor of neuro-anatomy and cell biology Josiah Adjene cautioned civilians against wearing face masks consistently, stating that the use of face masks posed health risks because they reduce the amount of oxygen required by the body.

He further claimed that the symptoms of Covid-19 were not a new thing for Africans.

He urged the Kogi government to rigorously invest in the agricultural sector, to guarantee a food supply for the next two years as food would become scarce due to the lockdown.

Governor Bello said he had invited the academics to speak about the virus, to inform citizens on Covid-19 and how best to curb its spread.

“I am the executive governor of Kogi State and it is incumbent on me to create avenues for my people to be enlightened, to really know what Covid-19 is all about,” Bello said.

Meanwhile, the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has reported that the country has 6 175 positive cases of Covid-19, with 1 644 recoveries and 191 deaths as of Monday.

African News Agency/ANA

By Robin-Lee Francke


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