20 Photos That Can Make You Doubt Your Own Vision

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If you’ve ever looked at a picture and realized that it’s actually a mossy rock in a frozen puddle and not a tropical island in the middle of the sea, then you’ll understand what we’re talking about. Sometimes one doesn’t even need photoshop — life itself is able to provide us with real optical illusions.

1. This green globe is actually an unusual garden in the center of Paris.

© EricNei / imgur

2. These forest mushrooms look like ham.

© ZouJx / reddit

3. This stone resembling a loaf of bread

© GamerLobster / reddit

4. An inedible bunch of bananas

© unknown / imgur

5. This mossy rock in a frozen puddle looks like a tropical island in the middle of an ocean.

© pilaf / imgur

6. These metal “giraffes” enjoying a Serengeti sunset

© Uniqueusername111112 / reddit

7. This building roof that’s easy to confuse with a computer motherboard

© odsox / reddit

8. This leaf and caterpillar duo looks like the Amazon River from above.

© Zetbor / reddit

9. Big brother is watching you…

© kalup_pollo / reddit

10. Glass beads for jewelry that look exactly like pomegranate seeds

© oldernan / reddit

11. These paint rollers remind us of sushi.

© SeeYouAgainIReply / reddit

12. Don’t let these badgers mislead you and have you mistake them for a herd of dinosaurs.

© ToporArt / reddit

13. A picture of Jupi— wait, it’s actually a flock of lapwings!

© slinkysoft / reddit

14. “A bucket of mac ’n’ cheese? I don’t think so.”

© Bobby_Hill / reddit

15. This bullet in the tree looks like a UFO crashed in a grain field.

© rshambo / reddit

16. The doggo seems to be somewhere high but it’s actually just a pond.

© lurker1701 / imgur

17. Not a spaghetti conveyor belt — just really great cable management!

© SillyTheGamer / reddit

18. These bar stools remind us of pancakes.

© Grilledwaffles / reddit

19. A huge cat

© bz123gaming / reddit

20. This dog with pinecone teeth

© GodsJ / reddit

Credit: https://brightside.me/

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