21 Movie Characters Whose Looks Still Slay, Even After We Swapped Their Gender

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FaceApp’s gender-bender filter went viral on Twitter recently. And now that we’ve swapped everyone we know — and their mothers — the time has come to lay our zealous gaze upon fictional characters. The filter proved to be a ridiculously powerful tool and our beloved movie characters will now stay with us, both in their male and female form, for a long time.

Bright Side invites you to consider these simultaneously handsome and hilarious results with us. And as a bonus, we even altered a real-life person!

1. Lady Snow, Commander of the Night Watch

© Game of Thrones / HBO

2. The girl who lived

© Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets / Warner Bros. Pictures

3. Mistress Witcher — the filter even turned Geralt’s chest hair into a hairy bra!

© The Witcher / Netflix

4. “I am Iron Woman.”

© Avengers: Infinity War / Marvel Studios

5. Prince Organa of Alderaan

© Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back / ‎Lucasfilm Ltd

6. Lord Stark, King of the North

© Game of Thrones / HBO

7. Mr. Granger, the brightest wizard of his age

© Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix / ‎Warner Bros. Pictures

8. A powerful sorcerer from Vengerberg

© The Witcher / Netflix

9. Black Widow with some Eastern European roughness

© The Avengers / Marvel Studios

10. Eleven’s curly hair is a huge upgrade from Season 1.

© Stranger Things / Netflix

11. Arry Stark, a faceless boy and the hero of Winterfell

© Game of Thrones / HBO

12. Red hair and a hand-me-down robe — she must be a Weasley!

© Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban / Warner Bros. Pictures

13. Mighty Thor, Goddess of Thunder, Daughter of Asgard

© Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios

14. With her trickster sister!

© Thor: Ragnarok / Marvel Studios

15. Jedi Credo, whose fighting style and aesthetics are heavily based on the samurai — and Rey even looks like one!

© Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker / Lucasfilm Ltd.

16. A certified babysitter of Hawkins, Miss “The Hair” Harington

© Stranger Things / Netflix

17. Everyone’s favorite bard and poetess, Juliana Alfreda Pankratz, or Jaskier for short

© The Witcher / Netflix

18. Agent Cooper at her finest

© Twin Peaks / Lynch/Frost Productions

19. She surely doesn’t like bullies.

© Captain America: The Winter Soldier / Marvel Studios

20. Smuggler, scoundrel, heroine

© Star Wars: A New Hope / Lucasfilm Ltd.

21. “Halfwoman” and Lady of Casterly Rock

© Game of Thrones / HBO

Bonus 1: Meet Meghan Markle, Duke of Sussex!

© MEGA / Mega Agency / East News

Bonus 2: We swapped bathtub Geralt back but now we can’t unsee it.

Credit: https://brightside.me/

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