Internet Users Talked About the Things That Annoy Them More Than Nails on a Chalkboard

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There are some things that drive us absolutely crazy like slurping or nails on a chalkboard. But all these sounds can’t compare to the level of annoyance other people can cause in us. We can understand when people believe in age-old stereotypes, but what we can’t understand is why someone wants to intervene in other people’s lives and tell them what to do?

We at Bright Side have read these stories and realized that many people annoy others on purpose. We really hope that you are not surrounded by any of the people described in this compilation.

  • I’m lactose-intolerant. No, I don’t suffocate if I drink a glass of milk, but I get a rash on my chest and back which is very unpleasant. The problem is, when I tell someone I won’t eat something that contains lactose, people say, “Yeah, being allergic to lactose and gluten is trendy these days. But you ate the pancakes I made and I used milk. You didn’t die when you ate them.” Infuriating. © CorneliaHale12 / Pikabu
  • I make cakes, it’s my job, and I’m super annoyed by the fact that I can’t come to any birthday celebration without a cake. So, I have to make a beautiful cake AND buy a present. This is a job I really love but I get tired too, you know. I want to come as a guest with makeup on, I want to be invited because of me, not because of my cakes. I hate it when someone says, “We could have been drinking tea with cake right now if someone wasn’t too lazy to make a cake.” I don’t make cakes for friends anymore. © mandarinka13 / Pikabu
  • I found a small kitten on the street. He was starving and he was freezing. I fed him, gave him a name, and kept him. My sister came to my place yesterday and she started a rant about the fur and the dirt, and that half of my income would be spent on this cat. My apartment, my income, and my cat! I’ll figure it out myself. © Overheard / Vk
Internet Users Talked About the Things That Annoy Them More Than Nails on a Chalkboard
© MironNSK54 / Pikabu
  • I don’t work in supermarkets or grocery stores, but I just hate to see the foods go bad when someone leaves them out of the freezers. Like, someone leaves eggs or frozen pizzas out of the fridge. I just saw a lady take a salad and leave it on a regular, unrefrigerated shelf. These foods go bad and then they can’t even be bought by other people. Come on, just go put it back! I just don’t get it. © Pravosudor / Pikabu
  • I hate it when people say that a college degree doesn’t matter nowadays. How about doctors? Lawyers? Engineers, architects, teachers? If you spent several years of your life learning something you don’t need today, that is your problem. I’ve spent 5 years learning to become a biotech specialist to make medicine for people. So, my degree is worthless? © Overheard / Vk
Internet Users Talked About the Things That Annoy Them More Than Nails on a Chalkboard
© frostjotun_ / Twitter
  • I’m annoyed by women who “make sacrifices.” “I’ll do anything for him,” “I dropped out of college for him”… And then they start annoying their men and their children, telling them they did everything and they got nothing in return and they’re unhappy now. Live how you want and everyone will be happy. © Overheard / Vk
  • I can’t stand people who drive like their mission is to get in your way. Or, when there’s just one car you need to get past in order to get past an entire wave of traffic and they speed up just enough to keep you trapped. What is the point? If you’re going slow already, why not just keep going slow and let me pass? Are you trying to teach me a lesson? Pathetic. © James Robbins / Quora
  • When someone responds to your email, but doesn’t answer any of the questions you asked. © ekpvino / Reddit
Internet Users Talked About the Things That Annoy Them More Than Nails on a Chalkboard
© MyHopeIsRock / Twitter
  • I hate when people don’t clean up after themselves. It’s incredibly disrespectful to whoever ends up having to pick up after you, and super annoying. It’s not that hard. © inconspicuous_swirls / Reddit
  • The worst thing for a punctual person is when you agree to meet someone at 7 PM and you’re almost at the place at 6:50 PM and you get a text, “Text me when you leave home.” And you realize that this person hasn’t even left. © grafskype / Pikabu
Internet Users Talked About the Things That Annoy Them More Than Nails on a Chalkboard
© srabear / Reddit
  • I think that it’s hard to live today if you are well-mannered. When someone chews gum with their mouth open, puts a dirty bag on the table, interrupts you, yawns and doesn’t cover the mouth, and does other rude things, you notice everything, but you can’t tell them because this is how you were raised and you can’t make them feel awkward. And the worst are the people who DO tell others about it and they just think they are being straightforward and that it’s the right thing to do. © Overheard / Vk
  • I hate it when someone does not take their work seriously. This is a very common thing you find with most people. They do not commit to the work that they are responsible to perform. I understand that someone may not be interested in the kind of work that they do. However, that does not entitle them to be so casual with the work itself. If one is being paid to perform some task, even if it doesn’t interest them, it should be done with the utmost passion and dedication. Perform any work assigned to you with utmost devotion. © Ayush Agarwal / Quora
  • I’m super annoyed by people who think that “eating less” is the best way to lose weight. I weighed 103 lbs, got ill, had to take hormones, and gained 33 lbs, even though I barely ate 1,500 calories a day. I walk every day for an hour and exercise with a hoop. This is barely enough for me to not get fatter, but if I do more exercise, my joints ache. So stop with this bullying, life is hard as it is! © Overheard / Vk
  • I hate it when people ask, “Why are you still not married? You’re 30! You need to have a child for yourself.” And they live with husbands they don’t love, just to live with a man. I don’t want that. I know what it’s like to love someone and be loved, but sometimes people pass away… And I don’t know anyone else. And having a child just for myself is selfish. And I like my life, leave me alone. While you are living paycheck to paycheck, I’m traveling around the world. © Overheard / Vk

What annoys you the most about other people?

Preview photo credit Overheard / VK


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