Plenty of history, architecture and hidden spots on 012central city walk tours

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The 012central city walk tours have become so popular that it recently inspired a virtual city walk on Easter Monday. And the next tour is earmarked for July. Should the lockdown be lifted by then, it will be a regular one.

These tours are led by architect Adriaan Louw and held over the weekend to ensure the group gets to experience the city of Tshwane in a different way. The tour ends at the market at 012central.

The 012central city walk tours have become incredibly popular. Picture: Adriaan Louw

On the decision to forego a scenic option for a city tour, City Property’s managing director Jeffrey Wapnick explained: “We’ve done numerous ‘scenic’ options over the last couple of years. The aim of our city walks is to show people the city they thought they knew.  This is one of our initiatives to bring people back to the city – they either haven’t been to the city for a number of years or have incorrect perceptions about the city. Our objective is to challenge their views and opinions and let them see the city in a new light.”

He added: “For almost five years, Adriaan has been leading us through the streets of the city.  We always incorporate a theme for our walks (heritage day, public transport, Mandela Day, summer loving, leap day, etc.).  He shares interesting stories, hidden spots such as small places of worship, history, architecture, and views from one of our rooftops.  It is very interactive and we have, on average, around 60 – 100 people per walk.”

For Easter Monday’s virtual tour, which covered a scenic 5km walk, at a leisurely pace, they got over 400 views and interactions.

The virtual city walk tour on Easter Monday helped people during the lockdown. Picture: Adriaan Louw

Wapnick added: “On the virtual tour, we were able to get access to restricted spaces and unseen areas of the city. From the comfort of their home, participants were treated to art, culture, photography and architecture. Sights included: Rooftop of Prinschurch, 012central precinct buildings, Capitol Theatre, Union Buildings,

Church Square, Old Synagogue (where a part of the Rivonia trial was held), Pretoria Station and abandoned buildings (Transvaal Provincial Administration building and Schubart Park).”

On the number of walking tours they have done so far, he revealed:  “We do on average about four a year, so it will be in the region of about 20 city walks over the last five years.”

The next city walking tour is scheduled for July.

Wapnick shared: “Our next city walk will be on July 25 and, as we go into Women’s Month, we will celebrate the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunties and girlfriends.  Of significance will be a tribute to the women who marched to the Union Buildings in 1956, especially as streets in the city are named after them.”

For more information follow @012central on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

By Debashine Thangevelo


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