Air Seychelles implements strict procedures for repatriation flights

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Air Seychelles announced that all passengers travelling on the repatriation flights will need to follow strict guidelines when they arrive at the airport, including during boarding, during the flight and disembarkation. 

As part of the new procedure to prevent Covid-19, passengers will need to wear their own masks while at the airport and on board. 

Air Seychelles revealed that the airline will introduce a new seating plan with pre-allocated seats prior to check-in of passengers to optimise social distancing on board the aircraft.

No further request to change seats during check-in or in-flight will be permitted. 


A new sequence for boarding will also be implemented. Passengers will be advised to board the aircraft by rows, in a specific numerical order, as per their assigned seat. In adherence with the guidelines from the health authorities, passengers will undergo a minimum of one temperature screening at the door before gaining final boarding approval. 

Passengers boarding the aircraft will be required to only display their boarding passes to the cabin crew team for verification without any physical contact with them. Passengers will then need to sanitise their hands before locating their seats. Passengers will also need to handle and stow their hand luggage in the overhead compartments. 

Maintaining social distancing

Air Seychelles will offer a modified meal service on all of its repatriation flights. The pre-packed meal boxes and beverage for consumption during the flight will be placed on the passengers’ seats in advance before the actual boarding of passengers commences.

The airline will not serve any alcoholic beverages. During the flight, passengers will be allowed to remove their masks only for the consumption of food and beverages, if emergency oxygen is required, or in particular safety and security situation. 

Keeping in line with the measures against the spread of Covid-19, blankets will not be provided on the flights. Passengers are encouraged to bring extra clothing or their blanket for added comfort. 

For safety and security purposes, passengers will be advised not to proceed in the Business Class cabin and to limit their movement during the flight. 

Before landing, the cabin crew members will pass through the cabin to collect any general waste. Passengers will need to refrain from making any physical contact with the crew member and delicately dispose of their waste into the container provided. 

Covid-19 signs

In case a passenger may experience Covid-19 related symptoms during the flight, the passenger will need to remain in their allocated seat and press the call bell for further assistance. 

A member of the cabin crew team will attend to the passenger by strictly following the approved procedures set by the Seychelles Department of Health. Upon landing, passengers will need to adhere to the disembarkation instructions as advised by the cabin crew and observe the health and safety measures set by the authorities at the country of destination. 

Cabin crew and ground staff will now wear masks and any appropriate personal protective equipment as may be necessary. Air Seychelles is expected to operate its first repatriation flight from Sri Lanka to Chennai in India on Saturday, May 23. 

By Travel Reporter 

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