Audi RS6 cranked up to 743kW by German tuner Wheelsandmore

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Baesweiler, Germany – Many tuners like to make a big song and dance about even the mildest of power hikes, but this latest Audi RS6 Avant conversion by Wheelsandmore is surely worth a packed concert.

The German tuner calls it the RS6 C8 ‘@TENTENSION’ and there are five levels of aggression here, with the hottest version firing out 743kW and 1250Nm. Consider that that standard car’s 4-litre twin-turbo V8 produces 441kW and 800Nm.

Which of the five conversion stages clients opt for will depend on their hunger for power and their budget of course as there is a big discrepancy in price between one and five. Here’s what Wheelsandmore is offering.

Stage 1: The cheapest conversion uses modified software to increase the car’s outputs to a not inconsiderable 522kW and 920Nm, and buyers can also opt for a top speed remover. That and the two-year warranty will cost a little extra, with the base price of the package in Europe coming in at 2499 euro (R49 300).

Stage 2: Here the software upgrade is joined by a flap-controlled Capristo exhaust system and the resulting outputs are 533kW and 930Nm, but the price of this package jumps to 9149 euro (R180 000).

Stage 3: Things get a little more serious with the middle-of-the-road package bringing modified intake manifolds, air ducts and filter housings to bring the tally to 578kW and 1060Nm. This one’s priced at 14 900 euro (R294 000).

Stage 4: Here we’re talking larger turbochargers as well as a modified compressor unit and reinforced axial bearings. It’s a big jump in price to 39 900 euros (R788 000), but the power hike is significant, with Wheelsandmore claiming 710kW and 1250rpm.

Stage 5: But if you’re spending big money then surely you want the best and that comes in the form of a Stage 5 conversion, which sees items like the particulate filter and silencers being removed, among other mods. The final tally  here is 743kW and 1250Nm, at a price of 49 900 euro (R985 000).

The tuner doesn’t mention any acceleration times, but does list a top speed in excess of 340km/h in the top two stages.

Chassis and wheel upgrades

Wheelsandmore is also offering a range of chassis and rim upgrades, including various suspension options from KW such as a Variant 4 coilover kit and adjustable springs.

The wheel temptation comes in the form of glossy black 22-inch alloys, which are offered in three styles and shod with 295/30/22 Continental tyres or, when using the wider 11.5J rims, with 285/30/22 and 335/25/22 rubber.


By Jason Woosey


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