Second-gen Mokka to get Opel’s new family face and big weight loss

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Russelsheim, Germany – Opel has released some new pictures of its second-generation Mokka, albeit in disguised prototype form, as the compact SUV enters the final phase of its developmental testing.

At the same time, the German carmaker has released some new details about the upcoming SUV, including a 120kg weight loss that’s been achieved despite the vehicle having a similar size footprint to the current model.

This is made possible by the Mokka switching from its current GM platform to its new parent company PSA’s CMP modular architecture, which also underpins the latest Opel Corsa and its Peugeot 208 cousin. The weight loss, along with improved body rigidity, is made possible by the greater use of high-strength steels, according to Opel.

The company also divulged that a fully electric version will be offered, in addition to traditional combustion motors. Opel hasn’t released details on those, but it will almost certainly follow the latest Corsa in offering PSA’s 1.2-litre turbo triple, which in the hatchback’s case is offered in 74kW and 96kW guises. Given the Mokka’s sporty styling, a bigger engine from the Astra range is certainly not an impossibility…

Talking style, although the vehicle in the pictures wears a substantial disguise, it’s still possible to make out the basic shape of the vehicle, which has a more coupe-like profile, while the shape of the headlights and the positioning of the air inlets strongly implies that this will be Opel’s first production model to wear brand’s new family face that was previewed in 2018 by the GT X Concept.

Opel said at the time that this new ‘Visor’ frontal design would feature on future models launched in the 2020s. This design feature positions the headlights, Opel emblem, cameras and sensors behind a darkly tinted Plexiglas structure.

The second-generation Mokka is set to hit European showrooms from early 2021.

By Jason Woosey


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